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People use drugs for various reasons. Some use drugs to cure pains or various illnesses, while others use drugs to obtain the high that is associated with a drug. Drug abuse is a problem that is slowly eating away at our society, which is why drug treatment rehab is so desperately needed. Drug abuse refers to use of drugs for reasons other than those the drug has been prescribed for.

Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction

Many people confuse drug abuse with drug addiction. However, the two are very different things. Drug abuse refers to taking drugs for recreational purposes, while drug addiction refers to a physical or psychological dependence on the abused drugs in order for a person to function well in their life. But drug treatment rehab can be used for both of these problems.

Drug Treatment Rehab

It is sometimes not easy to diagnose a person who is abusing drugs; this is especially true with abuse of prescription drugs, partly because the drugs have been prescribed for a legitimate purpose. However, long-term, regular use of these substances can lead to increased physical tolerance, dependency, and eventually abuse and addiction. The abuser will go to great lengths to hide their addiction from friends and family. However, it is imperative that a person who has problems with drug abuse seek treatment from a drug rehab treatment center or specialist. If a friend or family member is suspected of abusing drugs, the following telltale signs may point to this abuse.

Physical Signs of Drug Abuse

Physical signs are the most noticeable indications of an abuse problem. If a person is abusing drugs that require needles, their arms or wrists may exhibit needle marks. Most of the time, the abuser will don long-sleeved clothes to hide the marks. A person may also develop red eyes; this is especially so when a person is high on their drug of choice. The abuser may also develop dilated pupils, may experience itchiness, and may also have an unusual skin color.

Changes in the Physical Appearance of a Person – A person who previously was neat and paid a lot of attention to their appearance may start dressing shabbily and will develop a careless attitude towards grooming. Often they will be preoccupied with their experience of the drug and neglect their outward appearance a big sign drug treatment rehab is needed.

Abuse of drugs can also decrease a person’s appetite, and over time they may shed a lot of weight. If you notice a person exhibiting these physical signs, there is a significant chance that they may be abusing drugs. The affected person should then be taken to a drug treatment rehab center as early as possible.

Drug Abuse Behavioral Signs

A person who is abusing drugs may also develop a secretive or private behavior, avoiding social contact and preferring to keep to themselves. It may take a lot of convincing to get the addict to talk to their friends or family. They may spend most of their time in their rooms without seeking help of family members. The person may also develop rapid mood swings, especially manifested when the addict is confronted for whatever reason. They may become aggressive or abusive without provocation.

If you find this happening with a loved one, it’s highly recommended you check out a drug treatment rehab in your area.

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